Mililani Real Estate

    Mililani, located in central Oahu, is considered by many to be the perfect place for family living. A master-planned residential community begun in the late 1960s, and named an All America City in 1986, Mililani homes provide all the benefits of a modern suburban lifestyle. Mililani’s location in the center of the island, just off the modern H2 highway, makes every destination on Oahu easily accessible. World-famous North Shore beaches are especially convenient, but the Leeward and Windward Coast beaches as well as Honolulu are all less than 30 minutes away. However, people who own Mililani real estate have access within Mililani to everything they need. Restaurants, shopping, parks, golf courses, recreational centers, schools, and every possible necessity of a resident is available in Mililani.

    Mililani real estate enjoy a slightly cooler climate than most of Oahu due to its higher altitude. This residential community is nestled right along the Ko’olau mountain range which divides the island in half. Because of this, the Mililani homes and public areas often feature the beautiful, lush, tropical landscaping that Hawaii is known for, and residents keep their properties well-tended and attractive. Mililani has some of the best schools on Oahu. Residents with families find Mililani homes to be the perfect place to raise children, with its great learning opportunities and its many recreational centers to stay active. People who own Mililani real estate bike ride, run, walk, hike, or otherwise just enjoy the beautiful outdoors that the area provides for them. Mililani has an eclectic mix of residents of all ages and cultures creating an amalgam of lifestyles truly exemplifying what it means to live in Hawaii. Residents of Mililani have a true sense of community and stay active in its affairs.

    Mililani homes include single family homes and townhouses in clean, modern, attractive neighborhoods. Mililani Mauka is a newer and more upscale development than the older Mililani Town area. Prices for Mililani Mauka homes typically range from the $500s to $1.2 million, whereas houses in Mililani Town are generally in the $400-$800,000 range. Condos and townhouses in both areas range from just under $200 to about $400,000.

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