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    Manoa Valley is a centrally located community tucked away amongst a serene lush rainforest in Honolulu, Hawaii. The community consists of a wide range of local residents, and students attending the University of Hawaii Manoa, which is located at the edge of the valley. Many of the homes were built before the 1960’s and you will see many large, gracious homes with extensive yards and lush landscaping due to the daily sprinkle of rain that will also grace the valley with colorful rainbows.

    Manoa covers all the bases when it comes to necessities and activities. Not only is it central to Downtown Honolulu but there are many Public and Private schools located in Manoa Valley. There is a renovated state of the art Public Library, the Manoa Valley Theater showing a new play every few months and the Manoa District Park which has amenities that are free to the public such as a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, gymnasium, and a designated “dog park” area.

    In the heart of Manoa is Manoa Marketplace where you can grocery shop, go to the drug store, do some banking, or grab a meal, all without having to get back into your car.

    Large old trees line Manoa Rd. as you drive Mauka (towards the mountain) in the direction of the Manoa Falls hiking trail, the beautiful Chinese Cemetery or the Lyon Arboretum, where you can discover the indigenous plants of the Hawaiian Islands. With Manoa homes for sale in the price range from $500,000 to $2,000,000, this is the perfect neighborhood whether you are just starting out or looking for your dream home!

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