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    Kahala real estate is some of Hawaii’s most desirable. Located on the south shore of the island of Oahu, the upscale community of Kahala stretches along approximately 2 miles of coastline and encompasses some of the most beautiful oceanfront and ocean-view properties in Hawaii.

    The mixture of traditional “Kamaaina-style” and contemporary homes on large, flat lots, combined with wide streets and lavish tropical landscaping, make Kahala a peaceful and gracious community. Yet the excitement and nightlife of Waikiki are only minutes away. The superior location and topography of the neighborhood are just two of the reasons many celebrities and international business moguls own Kahala homes.

    Kahala real estate is bordered on the west by the majestic Diamond Head crater, Hawaii’s most recognizable landmark. On the east side sit the secluded Kahala Hotel & Resort, a favorite among celebrities and statesmen, and Waialae Country Club, host of the PGA’s Sony Open golf tournament. The historic and luxurious Kahala Hotel & Resort features its own dolphin pool and is set on a quiet, white sand beach. Next door, Waialae Country Club’s 18-hole golf course borders the ocean, offering some the best golf–and best scenery–in Hawaii.

    Some of the best beaches are located along the Kahala coastline as well. Unlike Waikiki beaches, Kahala beaches are rarely crowded. Windsurfers and kiteboarders set off from Kahala Beach Park. Surfers have easy access to world-famous surf breaks like Kaikoos, Cromwells, Browns and Lighthouse (to name a few). The Kahala Mall, located on the inland side of Kahala, is home to a range of quality retail stores, restaurants and a vast Whole Foods Market. A hair salon and spa, a bookstore, cafes and of course, an Apple Store, add to the variety. International luxury brand boutiques are only a five-minute drive away in Waikiki.

    Virtually all Kahala real estate is valued at over a million dollars, regardless of condition, with the largest estates lining the coast priced far higher. In 2010, a record-setting, $22,000,000 sale of a 3,467 square foot estate set on 63,294 square feet of oceanfront land was completed. However, $2-$4 million can buy a luxurious Kahala home. The homes along Kahala Avenue, which runs parallel to the coast, are considered prime real estate, and many serve as vacation homes for owners from around the globe. Aukai Avenue, one street inland and parallel to Kahala Avenue, is also a favorite as it offers proximity to the ocean, but is quiet and suitable for children to ride bikes. Homes bordering Waialae Country Club are perfect for the avid golfer and range in price depending on their proximity to the main roads and the beach. Kahala homes for sale further inland tend to be the most affordable and offer the easiest access to Kahala Mall’s shopping, restaurants and other amenities.

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